The Anchor

Can I tell you of the heartaches I have felt?
the tears I have cried,
and the lovers I have lost.

How about the lingering pain,
how it left me alone,
and naked on the ground.

But what good would it do? To read this depressing story of how life disappoints and how it makes you wish you weren’t breathing. Because let’s face it, it is easier to stay in the bottoms of the ocean with the broken vessels and scattered memories, then to see the eye in the center of the hurricane.

But my love, let me tell you about the beauty within this disaster.
Let me calm your raging seas and be the stillness behind your quivering lips, wet pillows and sleepless nights.

Let me sooth your soul with what I have to offer you, let me show you what I have to give because it could be the greatest thing you have ever experienced.

So darling, please take a chance on me.
Just like you took a chance with those star crossed lovers that left you abandoned.

Come with me, and let me show you the sunrise.


Typical Love Song

I seem to find myself amazed at the thought of love, or loving someone, or loving something eternal, because it doesn’t seem true. Love seems like something that we would wait for, for an eternity but we could never reach it; but that’s a lie.
We have love at our fingertips, we can find it in the midst of destruction or in the face of a child. It could be as close as the clothes on your skin but feel as distant as the stars.
But it’s an enchanting thing, oh yes it is. The fact that it is something that so many people write about with an empty heart and an empty mind but try and put into words the feelings and desires that this intense passion can create. The fact that people try to grasp the concept of it in its entirety and place it on paper for others to have the chance at even getting a glimpse of it.
That’s what makes it beautiful.
People can only attempt to describe love and the wondrous things that it does, but in reality, we haven’t even grazed the surface of it.